Your competitors' customers are more satisfied than yours.

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There is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and company value.

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The Australian Customer Satisfaction Index is here.

Australian Customer Satisfaction Index Video

The ACSI is the only global measurement of customer satisfaction, adopted by 22 countries and is under the license of the American Customer Satisfaction Index. You can now benchmark your customer satisfaction against your competitors in related categories, across industries, locally and globally.


The ACSI is the recognised leader in the measurement of customer satisfaction in the mind of the world’s most powerful CEO’s. I’ve been preaching the power of customer satisfaction as an investment factor as well as the power of the ACSI’s methodology for 2 years. 

Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

The American Customer Satisfaction ETF is built on decades of academic research demonstrating that customer satisfaction is a leading indicator for identifying earnings surprises and predicting recurring revenue for public companies. 

Phil Bak, CEO at Exponential ETFs

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Be the Leaders of Your Space.

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Here is an opportunity for your company to join the ACSI in its infancy and help us improve customer satisfaction across industries throughout Australia. For a limited time, we are offering companies and industry associations a subscription to the ACSI at a lower rate to help build much needed cross-sectional customer satisfaction data for Australia.

By becoming an early member of the ACSI, your company will gain a
sustainable competitive advantage through indispensable insights and
improved shareholder values. The ACSI goes beyond standard internal
measures like the NPS to give you an understanding of your company’s true customer satisfaction rating.

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What your customer thinks matters most.